A Healthy Organizations Start Here

If running a business isn’t challenging enough, administering employee benefits can put you over the top with constantly changing regulations and rules accompanying health care reform. At Strategy, we are dedicated to delivering employee benefit and compliance programs designed to drive and support your goals. It can be easier. Let us help you focus on what matters.

Solutions for Large and Smaller Organizations

The Strategy employee benefits team will guide you and create fresh solutions by engaging you and your team to help find your unique needs with our proven process that brings greater value and success.


  • Program assessment
  • Development and implementation of strategic plans
  • Identifying cost savings opportunities
  • Renewal and placement activities
  • Plan implementation and annual enrollment activity
  • Sourcing and design of HRIS and benefit enrollment services
  • Daily account management

Employee Benefits Options

  • Health Insurance
  • Fully-Insured Options
  • Partially Self-Funded Options
  • Group Disability Insurance
  • Group Life Insurance

50 Employees or More?

Larger organizations deal with challenging regulations to negotiable pooled products or compliance issues with shifting variables in their benefit plans.

Fewer Than 50 Employees?

Medium to small businesses deal in a different insurance arena than larger organizations. We understand this with first-hand understanding and we pull from this experience to make it easier for your company.